The Drop Zone

This is not one of those blog that the author has time to write lengthy posts every single day. I have a quite demanding day job, I’m a parent, husband, I have hobbies, friends and I like to drop a few lines about things that I think can either help someone or I think are good to know.

As, far as the blog is concerned I’ve tried to keep it as minimal and clean as possible to put the content in first place. Hope you enjoy it…or not, whatever it is if you feel like you need to tell me how awesome I am or how much I suck, You will find the info in the About section.

News and info timeline

  • March 2021

    The GitHub sponsors profile is now live

    I’m excited to announce that my GitHub Sponsors profile has been approved. Until I transfer this blog to another place that actually supports some dynamics you can reach it at:

    I’ll soon write some plans about how and what we plan to do with it…

    Don’t forget that you can always reach me on the discord if you want to find out more.

  • February 2021

    New gaming area on the website

    Go and check it out. It can be something we find mutual interest in.

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  • February, 2021

    Save yourself some time when troubleshooting Python Flask service in Docker

    Considering what I went trough this weekend (it wasn’t so bad, but I’m getting at that age where I just complain) I made a small checklist that I would like to have when dealing with these problems. I thought it might help somebody out there as well.

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  • August, 2020

    On Self Promotion

    Update 2021:

    In August 2020 I started this article by:

    Well I take that back for reasons that I will keep to myself. There is too much drama and people take their sensitivity and try to use it against you as some kind of attack.

    Disclaimer: If you feel offended by some of the text or find yourself in there, in a context bad or good, that is your problem and you always have the right to reach me on the discord: or you always have the right to not read my posts. Everything here is based on facts and research.

    I do not mean to offend anyone. But it’s very symptomatic and evident that people forgot the complexity of the work we do and the problems we try to solve. I can see numerous example of people that make it clearly evident that they spend drastically more amount of time thinking about and setting up their home offices during these hard times.

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  • August, 2020

    New discord server for the blog

    August 2020. If you like discussing nerdy stuff, head over to AGeekSleek discord. There’s a little bit of something for everyone there, and it’s opened for suggestions. So, if you feel like it needs something, tell me and we can add it.

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  • April, 2019

    Let’s talk about context and perception

    The value and importance of perspectives.

    I’ve decided to write an article on perspectives and points of view for a change and refreshment. Something on the surface unrelated to software development, but I would argue threaded deeply into it’s core.

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