It probably sounds like every other nerd cliche, I know, but I have been programming since I was a little boy around 11 years old. Yes, I’m one of those, for real. First programming language I learned was BASIC, on a Commodore64. Then around high-school it was C and Assembly. Just before and during university days it was C++. I started doing some professional work during this period, part of the reason why I left in my final year. I have never stopped since then. Going trough a plethora of technologies ranging from C and Assembly languages, Delphi to C++, C#, Java and so on and so forth… trough 20 (and more, who counts, does it even matter) years of software development.

I have not lost even a single bit of my ambition and love for the craft from those first young days, nor the energy…I like to get my hands into all aspects of software development. Now a days I mostly use stuff like C#, .NET Framework, .Net Core, C, Python, JavaScript, some Angular, some React, some ASP.NET, WCF, MS SQL Server, MongoDB, cloud platforms: Main focus in our current projects is on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), but we also use AWS, Azure, we work a lot with containers and the technologies around them Docker, Kubernetes, various CI stuff: Drone, Helm, Azure DevOps and many more.

After the best time in my life spent with my daughter last year and a few short startup adventures, I’m back in business busier then ever. I’m currently working as a Tech Lead in one of the biggest and oldest banks in Sweden. Surrounded by some awesome people. As always, trying to help the world to be a little bit better by bringing some joy and positive energy into everything I do.

In case you really like this blog and you want to support me in creating more stuff that can help people out there, you can send your donations to: paypal.me/TheBojan

If you’ve seen this blog and you think that you want to run an idea about collaboration by me you can reach me on this blog’s discord server:


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